Orion Alpha Wars

Orion Alpha Wars 1.1

Like Space Invaders without weapons!


  • Nice graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Online scoreboards


  • Difficult to play on the move


Orion Alpha Wars is an arcade game for the iPhone that has a very simple premise: avoid asteroids, and get everything else!

Although it looks like a vertical shoot 'em up, Orion Alpha Wars doesn't feature any shooting. The object of the game is to avoid asteroids by moving left to right at the bottom of the screen, like Space Invaders.

There are gems to collect as well as power-ups that can really make your life easier. The magnet drags gems towards your ship, so you can concentrate on avoiding asteroids. There are also shields, bullet time and more. Your ship has one life, and can withstand three hits from Asteroids, after which you have to start again.

Orion Alpha Wars is a tilt-controlled game. This means you need a steady and and no sudden movements to play well. Playing on the move is pretty much impossible! The game has quite a cool soundtrack, although there are no sound options to turn the music off. The graphics are good, with cell shaded-style asteroids and space ships, over a gradually-scrolling attractive Space background.

There's only one level, which you always start from the beginning of,. This is a shame because a little background variety would really improve replayablility. The three-hit-one-life rule makes this more frustrating. Nevertheless, the simple gameplay and attractive graphics makes Orion Alpha Wars pretty addictive.

Orion Alpha Wars is a really simple arcade game, but beating your last score can be quite addictive in itself!

Orion Alpha Wars


Orion Alpha Wars 1.1

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